Amongst all parquets, the 2-layer prefinished parquet is the most suitable for installation over under floor heating systems

Two layer prefinished parquet is a general name for the boards of smaller dimensions, with tongue and groove joints on all four sides. Boards are composed of two layers. The base can be made from plywood, high-density fibreboard (HDF) or layer of spruce, birch, hevea or poplar tree. The hardwood covering layer can be 3,5-6 mm thick and is already sanded and 6-7 times lacquered or UV oiled. This parquet has to be fully glued to the surface, so it is recommended the installation to be done by the professional installer. When laying the parquet over the under floor heating, additional laying instructions have to be strictly respected (with the heating regime before, during and after installation of parquet).

2-layer prefinished parquet is composed from two layers of wood:
  • 6 – 7 mm thick bottom layer
  • 3,5 – 6 mm thick top layer of hardwood, which is already sanded and lacquered or oiled
Wood, selected for the production of the parquet, can be very various – from unique boards without knots and sapwood to very colourfull wood. This is the ground for the division of parquet into the following groups according to the appearance:
Select, Natur, Rustik

Two-layer flooring is available in the following structural and dimensional types:

installation system


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