Admonter wide planks represent the peak of technological achievements in production of wooden flooring. Admonter wide planks are unique; they give warmth and enrich every room. They promise a tremendous scope of individual design possibilities.

All* Admonter floors are awarded with PEFC certificate, IBR certificate and 30-years warranty on hidden defects in the floor based on material and manufacturing defects. An impressive piece of nature continuous piece of timber, whose natural beauty is a true pleasure to look at. Only 2% of a tree has the quality, which is required to be turned into an Admonter. No plank is like the other. Designed by nature they are all unique. With their fine structure they display the very traces of all those years and seasons and bring the hidden soul of the tree as well as the energy of the forest right into your home.

*American walnut, American cherry and Siberian larch do not have the PEFC certificate.


Admonter wide planks are extremely stable and ensure high dimension stability. That means that they can perfectly balance the changes in the room climate and reduce the formation of gaps to a minimum.

From the manual pre-sorting of the raw materials to the delivery of the floor, an Admonter undergoes a total of 15 quality checks.
Admonter Edition Admonter Antico
Admonter Mocca Admonter XXLONG
Admonter Classic hardwoods Admonter Classic softwoods
Admonter 2bond Admonter CityFloor

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